It’s Tracy versus Lloyd!

When Tracy turns up at Fare Ladies to apply for the job of switch operator, Lloyd is suspicious. But Tracy claims Steve’s trying to evict her and she wants to get her revenge as much as he does. Lloyd buys it and gives her the job. With her training complete Lloyd heads out and Tracy sets to work, sending cabs the wrong way and passing on bookings to Steve so he can intercept jobs. As Lloyd heads back to Eileen’s after a tough day Tracy seizes the opportunity to hand Steve the details of Lloyd’s contracts so he can undercut Fare Ladies. But when Eileen spots them talking she puts two and two together.

Izzy’s in turmoil, but with a nudge from Fiz she reveals to Gary that she’s pregnant. Gary’s in shock as Izzy admits she knows he doesn’t want kids yet and doesn’t expect him to stand by her.

When Sean accuses Marcus of starting a new life with Aiden already, Marcus puts him straight… Aiden is just a mate.

Also, Faye’s disappointed when Anna can’t afford the branded trainers she was after for sports day.