Now that Moira has decided to give farmer John what he said he wanted – a divorce – he has decided that he doesn’t want one! It’s watching Moira’s heartbreak as she tells the kids about the divorce that makes John realise his own heart is breaking. He talks with Moira and she sees a glimmer of hope. She tells John she loves him and pushes him to say what he really wants – and he finally admits that he wants Moira back!

Ali doesn’t want Ruby. She did, but she doesn’t any more. Flat broke and facing eviction from Declan’s cottage, Ali desperately needed Ruby’s support, but didn’t get it. Ruby’s ready to give it now, though, and tells Ali she has got the money to solve their problems. Trouble is, Ruby has had the money all along, in her savings, and Ali’s furious that Ruby has waited until now to tell her. So she tells Ruby to go. But Ruby insists she wants to stay.

Zak doesn’t know if he’s coming or going. He’s still tortured by feelings of guilt for what he did to Cain. Lisa pushes him to talk to his son, but he’s already tried that and doesn’t know what to do next…