It’s Valerie verses Heston!

Valerie and Heston have their interview with Patrick Burns on ‘Midlands Today’ as candidates for the local elections. Back at The Mill, the interview plays – and Heston is mortified to discover that he comes off worse than Valerie. Heston apologises to Howard, aware that he’s done nothing to enhance the reputation of the practice.  

Anna, an agency nurse, starts at the surgery. Meanwhile, Ralph turns up at the surgery looking for Karen but is disappointed when she is a different person to the one he met at the charity ball. Suddenly, Ralph cries out in surprise, Anna is ‘his’ Karen! Anna is embarrassed and confesses that she went to the ball in Karen’s place. She holds out a hand to introduce herself to Ralph by her real name, leaving Karen chuffed.

After bumping into Valerie while having lunch with Gary Lucas yesterday, Franc fears that his cover is blown, but Howard covers well. Howard approaches Al and asks him if he’d be willing to help him cyberspy on Franc. Al reacts with anger, after what happened with Jas, he’s insulted.