It’s very bad news for Nikhil

Nikhil finds out where Gennie is – and he wishes with all his heart that she was still missing. If the police hadn’t arrived and asked to talk to him and told him, he could pretend that Gennie had just dashed off on some errand, or gone to welcome Brenda and Bob back from their honeymoon, or taken Molly for an impromptu drive in her new car.

He could pretend that his future with Gennie was really only just beginning and he, Gennie and Molly were about to move into the B&B and have the most wonderful life together, just as he planned. But the police have arrived and they’ve told Nikhil, as gently as they could, that Gennie has been in a terrible accident…

Debbie can’t believe what’s happened. That’s the story of her life lately. She never meant for Sarah to be scared but she was. She never meant for Belle to get drunk on her dodgy vodka but she did. And she never meant for Gennie to get so tragically caught up in her messy affair with Cameron, but she has. This is bad for Debbie – but so much worse for Nikhil, Brenda and baby Molly.

Dan and Sean apologise to Kerry – Sean for lying about her stealing the charity money and Dan for not believing that she would never do such a thing.