At the festival bake-off, the competition between Susan and Sheila is fierce when a last minute entry comes in, and it’s former Erinsborough resident, Janelle Steiger-Timmins. When Susan accidentally sneezes on Janelle’s cake, the ensuing shenanigans result in a room full of ruined cakes. With only one entry remaining unscathed – Karl’s wonky trifle – he’s announced as the winner.

Lauren is completely blindsided by Matt’s confession and begs Brennan to reconsider turning him in. Brennan’s plan is for Matt to take six months’ long service leave, and during that time he’ll use everything Matt knows in order to bring Dimato down. However, Brennan points out, if Matt’s testimony is later required to secure Dimato’s jail time, then Matt will have to step up. Matt agrees.

To Tyler’s relief, Brennan doesn’t appear to be onto Dimato – and even mentions he’s considered leaving the force. He returns to Paige at the bake-off to report he’s checked in with his big bro and all seems okay. Their banter inevitably leads to a kiss but when Paige, who is lost in the moment, calls out Brennan’s name, Tyler is stunned.