The tension between the Timmins boys escalates as Kerry’s paternity results day draws near. Stingray tries to make up with Dylan but he’s not interested, while Sky worries how Dylan will react should Stingray prove to be the baby’s father.

Elsewhere, Loris and Harold find themselves getting closer as they worry about baby Kerry’s welfare. Later, there’s tension in the air as the families wait for Karl to reveal the test results…

A relaxed Susan returns from visiting Billy and Anne to find Karl in the midst of a professional crisis. He admits he’s afraid he’ll lose everything if Janelle carries out her threat to sue over the paternity row. Susan tries to comfort Karl but feels guilty about her bad behaviour in judging Sky.

Elsewhere, a guilty and confused Boyd finally tells Janae what happened in Tasmania. He reveals how he rescued an attractive young woman, Glenn, from drowning, before they ended up getting intimate. Despite being heartbroken, Janae puts on a brave face.

Concerned about Paul’s strange behaviour since he returned from New York, Lyn is convinced he was seeing someone else while he was away and is about to break up with her. So she resolves to dump him first!