It’s war between Fran and Jac!

When Jac Naylor returned from maternity leave recently, Holby’s newest nurse Fran Reynolds witnessed the ice queen’s frosty bedside manner first-hand. But when Fran challenges Jac over a patient’s care this week, it looks like it’s going to be all-out war between the two! The drama begins when Jac’s patient, Seymour Orson, discovers his heart operation is scheduled at the same time as his favourite TV game show and he refuses to give consent.

Concerned that a clearly troubled Seymour needs the op, Fran urges Jac to try a softer approach with him, a plea she ignores. Then, when he insists on leaving, Jac tells Fran she’s not wasting her time with ‘oddball’ Seymour and lets him go. Unlike Jac, though, Fran can’t just turn her back on Seymour and when she then finds him outside, distressed by the sound of car alarms and ambulance sirens, she works out he has autism. 

As Seymour’s condition suddenly deteriorates and he’s rushed into surgery, Jac’s just about to operate when Holby boss Hanssen pulls her out of theatre, revealing there’s been a formal complaint made against her. Later, Jac demands to know why Fran’s hell-bent on trying to destroy her career – but it seems Fran’s vendetta is purely personal…

Cara’s down in the dumps following her break-up with Jed, so when she hits it off with a flirtatious patient, Fletch and Raf see the perfect opportunity to cheer her up. The boys encourage the patient to ask her out – but will their efforts to play Cupid backfire?

Also, Jesse’s keen to assist Hanssen in theatre but he’s thrown when the sister of a former patient is admitted. Will history repeat itself or can Jesse banish the ghosts of the past?