It’s war between Paul and Michael

Following the revelation that Natasha was not old enough to model for Pirate Net, Rebecca tries to resolve the situation with Paul and Natasha’s dad, Michael. Paul admits that he doesn’t want to go to court, as long as Michael pays him the money he wasted due to Natasha lying about her age. Michael comes back to Paul telling him that he is countersuing him because Andrew failed in his basic duty of care by not checking Natasha’s ID.

Natasha and Andrew later summon their respective fathers to show them their solution – they’ve redone the image so it looks less revealing and best of all the solution doesn’t cost anything and it can be ready to roll out in a matter of days. Will Paul and Michael agree?

Summer is desperate for Lyn to cancel her internet date, now that she knows the suitor lives on Ramsay Street. Full of confidence, Lyn refuses to cancel, forcing Summer to take matters into her own hands. Summer drafts Harry in to help and the pair are horrified when they discover the mystery beau is Lou Carpenter!

Pleased with themselves for stopping Lyn and Lou’s date, Harry and Summer share a slice of cake… and a kiss!

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