It’s war between Warren and Brendan!

Mitzeee watches on as the two villains fight it out, and both Brendan and Warren know this is about far more than Warren being in bed with Mitzeee. Their brawling storms through the village as Myra starts taking bets, but soon the residents get bored of their fight and leave them to it.

Crashing through the doors of Chez Chez, Brendan and Warren laugh at the absurdity of it all and call a truce. However, someone else has a cross to bear and Warren looks on in horror as Brendan is clobbered with a baseball bat… who could it be?

Meanwhile, Amy tries to convince Ste he finally has to go to the police about Brendan’s violence. And Jason’s prank goes wrong.

*Unfortunately, this is all the advance programme information available for this episode from Hollyoaks*

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