Can Izzy keep her actions a secret?

Or will Holly spill the beans?

Izzy is in a good mood after stealing Karl’s sperm. However, Holly finds an empty vial with Karl’s name on it and confronts Izzy, who comes clean and admits she stole a sample of Karl’s sperm in the hope to get pregnant. Holly is livid and threatens to tell Karl and Susan the truth – but will Holly follow through?

Ben’s trip to Oakey doesn’t get off to the best start. He meets his uncle Dougal, also known as Kirby, and things between them are extremely tense. Steph speaks to Kirby and tells him to give Ben a break, but Kirby admits he’s pushing Ben away as he feels responsible for the accident that killed Drew.

Steph convinces Kirby to get to know Ben and the uncle and nephew duo end up getting on like a house on fire. The pair bond over their love of cars and even fix one together, leading Kirby to make Ben a life-changing offer…

Also, Shane is looking forward to having to his cast taken off and starting his physiotherapy, but Karl bursts Shane’s bubble and tells him that he will have to pay for physiotherapy and the cost isn’t cheap! Eventually, Shane decides to take a part-time job at The Waterhole working for Sheila – but will he soon regret his decision?