Izzy and Faye beg Owen not to leave

Owen tells Izzy that he’s moving away, while Faye begs him not to leave. Owen tells her he doesn’t have a choice, but makes Faye promise to be honest with Anna about her feelings towards the baby. Faye plucks up the courage to tell Anna, but with emotions running high as Owen says his goodbyes, she isn’t able find the words.

Tony promises Tracy he’ll dump Liz when the time is right and that they’ll find a pub and run it together. But Tracy tells him she wants the Rovers. Tracy tells Tony that if he’s serious about her, he’ll find a way to get the Rovers. Meanwhile, Steve’s furious when Liz lets slip that it’s actually Tony who is funding his wedding.

At Sarah’s request, Gail phones Stephen and begs him to reconsider Sarah’s position. David’s perplexed to see Gail looking at flowers outside the shop, reminding her that she binned the last lot, leaving her flustered.

Julie’s put out when Dev calls to tell her his uncle has died and he’ll be staying in India for longer. Eileen shows Julie a photo of Jeff from Dubai and sends him a message.