Izzy and Gary make a tough decision

It’s Katy’s 18th birthday and the day she and Chesney join Izzy and Gary to go for their appointment at the fertility clinic. Here Tess, the unit counsellor, points out that due to Katy’s age she may not be emotionally strong enough to deal with surrogacy. Tess points out that after the birth it’s up to the surrogate mother whether or not she gives consent. Izzy’s clearly shaken. Back at No 6 Gary notices Katy drinking and he suggests to Chesney that she shouldn’t be. Chesney snaps and a row escalates until Izzy makes an announcement that will leave Gary stunned.

Kirsty and Tyrone arrive home with their baby. Tina’s relieved, but when its clear she still bares a grudge against Kirsty Jason tells her he can’t believe he once felt sorry for her and Tommy. Tina insists they have to go round and see Tyrone and Kirsty. But Kirsty’s furious when they arrive at No 9 bearing gifts.

Deirdre returns from her trip to see Bev to be greeted by Tracy with Ryan. She tackles Tracy. Why the hell is she going out with Michelle’s son! Steve and Michelle arrive hoping that Deirdre’s sorted Tracy out, but discover a cosy domestic scene as Ryan charms Deirdre.

Also, Gloria treats Stella to a spa day, reassuring her that she’ll be fine running the pub in her absence, but Sean is soon miffed by the changes Gloria makes.

*Second Episode 8.30pm*

Izzy tells everyone she can’t let Katy be her surrogate because she won’t let it tear her family apart. Her mind’s made up. Katy feels dejected despite everyone assuring her Izzy’s decision isn’t about not trusting her. Later Gary tells Izzy that he should have been given the chance to have a say in her decision. Concerned about what she’s doing to him, Izzy tells Gary that he deserves the chance to have a family and her next decision leaves him reeling.

Jason can’t believe Tommy and Tina went over to No 9 after everything Tina did to Kirsty. He tells them he has a move-in date for Julie and Brian. He wants them out. Tommy and Tina feel the pressure building and have a row. Tina flees from the flat and is found by Rita, crying on Maxine’s bench. Rita gives her the solace she seeks and a healthy dose of tough love.

Gloria asks Karl to help behind the bar hoping it will impress Stella. Not only that, but she continues to make changes, upsetting everyone. When Stella returns, she kicks out Karl and rows with her mother. Gloria threatens to leave, but Stella calls her bluff.

Also, Tracy is really starting to get to Michelle; Chesney comforts Katy.