Susan’s determined to help Izzy resolve her relationship problems with Pete Gartside. But Karl’s more worried that Izzy’s issues will ruin his secret wedding plans. Ignoring Karl, Susan organises a meeting between Izzy and Pete, who turns up and declares his undying love for Izzy. But when Pete realises that Karl is the father of Izzy’s unborn child he urges Izzy to come clean.

With Frazer seriously injured, Rosie realises how much she loves him despite her months of denials. Ringo turns up for a visit and is convinced his heroic brother is invincible until he’s informed there’s a chance that Frazer will never walk again.

Against Frazer’s wishes, Rosie tells his family about the accident and Johnny arrives, much to Frazer’s discomfort. Johnny rips into his brother for taking dangerous risks, before insisting Ringo comes home. But Johnny is forced to leave when a spirited Rosie comes to Frazer’s defence.

Unaware that Elle has agreed to leave Erinsborough with Ned, Paul warns him to stay away from his daughter. Realising that Elle’s loyalty to him is wavering, Paul does his best to convince her to stick to their grand plan.

Also, Carmella is given short shrift when she tries to make it up to Elle.