Over in London, Izzy desperately tries to rescue her relationship with English footballer Pete, but things are made trickier by the fact that Pete is being hounded by his angry wife and a determined paparazzi. However, she’s softened when Pete tells her he’s going public with their relationship. Meanwhile, on the London Eye, romantic Karl finally proposes to Susan.

After blaming Frazer’s new girlfriend Milly for stealing things from number 30, Ringo is stunned to learn that Lolly is the culprit. Guilty Lolly admits stealing is her way of coping with stress, and admits she’s been skipping her counselling sessions. Concerned, Ringo asks Rosie to be Lolly’s counsellor and sympathetic Rosie agrees.

Convinced that Erinsborough High teacher, Red, is her secret admirer, Pepper is mortified to learn that Red already has a heavily pregnant girlfriend. However, after she receives another mysterious gift, Pepper jumps to the conclusion that Paul is her admirer. And when she confronts him about it, he’s more than happy to play along for his own personal gain.

Elsewhere, Elle promises Paul that she’ll erase Ned from her life, but later fails to resist him, telling Ned she, not her dad, makes the decisions in her life.