Izzy is arrested for assault!

Gary heads to court while Izzy meets Marc, a known drug dealer, and leads him back to her flat. As Izzy goes to pay for her drugs, the police force their way into the flat looking for Marc, who legs it while Izzy is detained. When a police officer refuses to let Izzy take her painkillers, she sees red and runs over his foot, getting her arrested for assaulting a police officer.

When a journalist from the Gazette calls at the factory wanting to interview Jenny about her life story, Jenny’s reluctant, But with encouragement from Johnny she agrees to do it.

Rita confides in Todd that Billy’s on the phone to someone called Lee. Having stolen cash from the till, Lee does a runner from Preston’s Petals. Todd goes to phone the police, but Billy stops him and finally reveals the thief is his brother.

Seeing Kevin rushed off his feet at the garage, Kylie persuades him to give Freddie a part-time job.