Izzy learns that Gary made a pass at Tina

As the Windasses gather at the Rovers reopening a stressed out Tina’s on edge as the pressure takes its toll. It all comes to a head when Owen has a go and Chesney, Katy and Ryan have a row. When Izzy makes it clear she disapproves of Ryan, Katy can’t hide her annoyance and makes a pointed remark about Gary. Confused, Izzy goes to tackle Gary and Tina about what Katy meant. Tina caves and tells Izzy that Gary made a pass at her. As Izzy reels Tina collapses in pain – she’s going into labour!

Karl’s at Stella’s side as the Rovers reopens, desperate for the night to go well. But as Stella makes a poignant speech she can’t help but feel for an emotional Dev. It’s clear that everyone is having trouble moving on from that fateful night.

Tracy’s nervous as she worries that Carla suspects them of being involved in the theft. Trying to calm her nerves Rob insists the sooner they get rid of the silk the better, but it’s clear he is rattled too.

Also, Sophie and Jenna let their hair down as the pub reopens.