Izzy explains to the police that Gary was buying the drugs for her. Gary’s released, but charged with supplying drugs! When Izzy finds out she’s made matters worse and Gary is now on a drugs supply charge, she’s devastated, but she refuses to give up the weed and tells Anna that if she tries to take Jake from her, she’ll be the one calling the police.

When Billy tells Sarah he might have to postpone Harry’s Christening, she’s furious and Billy and Kylie are shocked by her reaction. Billy calls on Sarah again and confirms he can now fit Harry’s Christening in on Monday.

Norris and Mary apologise to Tyrone for wrongly accusing him of stealing the street signs and give him an old fridge as a peace offering. Tyrone’s thrilled, pointing out to Fiz that he should now be able to afford his taxi licence.

Luke gets down on one knee and proposes to Maria. Chesney leaves for Portugal and Sinead confides in Fiz that she reckons Chesney would rather be anywhere but with her at the moment.