Izzy takes matters into her own hands

Will Izzy regret her decision?

Susan is overcome with relief when she finds out that Karl has told Izzy that he won’t be having another baby with her. However, both Karl and Susan are oblivious to the fact that Izzy has her hands on the one thing she needs to have Karl’s baby. Later, Izzy and Susan has a fiery showdown and Izzy decides to do the unthinkable…

Amy gets annoyed as she is forced to do Paul’s dirty work and sack Jayden. However, when Amy sees how enthusiastic Jayden is to learn the ropes, she decides to offer him an apprenticeship. When Paul finds out, he isn’t exactly thrilled and tells Amy she will regret her decision. Could Paul be right?

Also, Ben is missing Tyler, and isn’t quite hitting off with Mark, his new boss. Also, with Xanthe so focused on her future, it makes Ben feel that he lacks direction in his life. Ben decides to talk Steph who has a suggestion in the hope of making Ben see things more positively.