Izzy returns to the pub to confront the lad who sold her the oregano. Fighting back the pain, she begs him to give her the cannabis she paid for. When he refuses, Izzy threatens to call the police, but he knocks her phone out of her hand.

Leanne tells Ken how she wishes she could afford to buy the bistro and give Simon a secure future, and Ken realises that Tracy hasn’t even thought about Amy. He tells Leanne he’ll release Simon’s trust money from Deirdre so she can buy the bistro. As Nick accepts Robert’s offer, Leanne arrives and announces they’d like to match their offer of £90k. Carla’s shocked and Tracy throws her a warning look.

Richie O’Driscoll tells Aidan if he can meet his requirements, he’ll place a huge order with Underworld. Aidan’s delighted and announces to the factory girls that if they can close the deal it would secure their jobs for the rest of the year.

Sinead’s nervous as she heads off to another modelling gig, while Chesney covers his insecurities. Rana flirts with Zeedan telling him she’s flat hunting.