Tina, Gary and Izzy attend antenatal class, but as Tina and Gary perform the exercises together, Izzy feels left out and leaves. In the moment Gary doesn’t even realise she’s gone.

Katy and Chesney arrange to meet up later, both pleased their relationship is getting back on track. But when Ches spots Katy talking to Ryan in the street he confronts her, demanding to know what’s going on. Overcome with jealousy, he takes Katy’s phone from her bag and scrolls through her texts. When a message comes through from Ryan, Chesney fumes.

Leanne calls in the bookies and demands to know why she hasn’t received her share of the takings. Peter tells her business is slow and there’s no money.

Also, Tim assures Anna that Faye’s happy, but it isn’t what Anna wants to hear; When Mary offers to look after Asha and Aadi for the afternoon, Dev’s impressed to find her perfectly in control.