Izzy takes a pregnancy test

Will Izzy get the result she wants?

Toadie meets up with a mysterious woman called Rita who has hired his services. Rita reveals she’s the daughter of Clint, Izzy’s ex. Rita wants to challenge her father’s will and Toadie says she has a great case and freezes Clint’s assets. Is Izzy about to lose everything? And will her pregnancy test turn out to be positive?

It’s Ben’s last day on Ramsay Street, but he makes it clear he will be back to visit. Karl, Susan and Xanthe come together to make a fuss of him as he leaves, but will they all be able to put their own problems aside so Ben can have a good send off?

Terese is determined to put Piper first. She cancels her trip to London, tells Paige to hand in a poorly edited video for work and says she’ll deliver a presentation via Skype rather than in person. Will Terese regret her decisions?

Finally, will Yashvi create a good first impression at her work experience placement?