Izzy tells Gary she doesn’t want another baby

Back home from hospital Izzy visits Dr Carter, who assures Gary and Izzy it’ll be safe to start trying for another baby in a couple of months. But Izzy breaks the news to Gary that she doesn’t want to try for another baby.

Ryan suggests to Kylie and David they meet up for a few beers later. Kylie puts on her make-up and heads out to meet Ryan, leaving David gobsmacked. Kylie and Ryan proceed to get drunk in the bistro. Nick’s forced to ask them to leave and they head for the Rovers. Kylie’s enjoying herself but she’s shocked when Ryan returns from the gents clearly buzzing and offers her some coke. Meanwhile, Steve’s chuffed when Michelle thanks him for being so kind to Ryan.

Sunita picks the kids up from Dev and assures him she wants him to have joint custody. Meanwhile, Karl gets a text from Stella and heads off to the pub.

Also, Sophie helps Kevin move into No 13. Kevin reveals he’s got to find a new childminder; meanwhile, Sophie tells Dev he can stick his job; Tommy, worn out form delivering pizzas in the evening on top of his day job, accidentally locks a customer’s keys in the boot of her car.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Kylie’s furious with Ryan for offering her drugs and storms off home. Ryan’s unfazed, but hearing he tried to get Kylie to take coke David’s incensed. Barging into Michelle’s flat, David angrily explains that her son is a druggie.

Michelle storms into the Rovers gents closely followed by Steve. As she peers over the cubicle door she’s horrified to find Ryan snorting coke and drags him out. In the middle of a busy pub, Michelle screams at Ryan for taking drugs. But when Ryan, high as a kite, takes no notice Michelle resorts to desperate measures to get his attention.

Izzy assures Gary she loves him with all her heart, but she’ll understand if he meets someone else who can give him a family.

Also, Stella explains to Karl that she’s consulted a solicitor and she wants him to sign over the pub and mortgage to her. When he tries to object, Stella furiously points out he owes her big time for all the debts he ran up. Karl leaves a broken man, and when he returns to No 7 where Sunita’s refereeing her bickering kids Karl realises he’s looking at his future.