Izzy Hoyland is revealed as homeless and heavily pregnant, living on the streets of London. Meanwhile, Karl is convinced he’s blown his and Susan’s dream romantic break away when they are bombarded by a pack of loud Australian tourists. However, he’s surprised when Susan ends up having the time of her life.

Paul instructs Ned to infiltrate the Barnes Corporation to steal some critical documents, but during the break-in Ned is forced to defend himself against a company security guard. Later, Paul is at Ned’s flat when Elle arrives for some more no-strings fun with Ned and is shocked to find Paul and Ned hanging out together. Ned continues his plots against Paul by hacking into his personal computer.

Attempting to move on from Rosie, Frazer picks up a new girl – Milly – at the ScarletBar and brings her back to No 30, much to the housemates’ disgust. And when things start going missing from the house, the housemates blame Milly. They confront Frazer about their suspicions, but he accuses Rosie of being jealous.

Also, Elle’s thrilled when Oliver returns her affections, ignoring Carmella’s pleas for reconciliation. But Pepper is suspicious about scheming Elle’s motives.