Izzy’s pregnant! (VIDEO)

Gary and Izzy are knackered as they spend a second day looking after Hope and Joseph. It’s made Gary realise he’s not ready for kids yet which troubles Izzy, who confides in Fiz that she’s pregnant! Fiz urges her to tell Gary, but after all his talk about how hard babies are Izzy’s not sure.

When all Steve’s clients start calling to cancel their Streetcars accounts he’s shocked to hear a new business called Fare Ladies is offering better rates and women drivers. Steve heads over there and demands to speak to the owner, but he’s stunned to discover it’s Lloyd! Steve can’t believe his betrayal, but Lloyd’s defiant. He offered him the chance to go into business but he turned him down so he decided to set up on his own, buying the local firm that went bust. Meanwhile, when Tracy hears about Lloyd’s sabotage she tells Steve she has a plan.

Sean’s determined not to let Marcus know he’s gutted that he’s staying at Maria’s and lies that Julie’s setting him up on a hot date. However when Marcus comes into the pub with Aiden it’s Sean’s that heartbroken.

Also, Faye’s fed up with school and is not looking forward to sports day.