Jac and Jonny are locked in a baby battle!

Filled with anger after wife-to-be Bonnie was hit by a truck and killed on their wedding day, Jonny recently dropped the bombshell to his ex Jac that he wanted custody of their daughter Emma. When the pair’s obvious feud spills out onto Darwin ward, this week, Elliot arranges a mediation ‘summit’.

When Jac suggests Jonny might not be thinking straight following Bonnie’s death, he erupts in fury – he firmly believes Jac’s an unfit mother and has already instructed his lawyers to prove it! Later, it looks like Jonny may have softened towards Jac. But she gives him short shrift and the number of her lawyer – the custody battle is on!

Meanwhile, it’s the day that Raf and Amy discover whether their final round of IVF has been successful. But Raf soon becomes distracted by a case – a patient who has been technically dead for several hours but whom Raf believes is a candidate for a Lazarus-like resuscitation. Torn between his wife’s emotional needs and cutting-edge medicine, Raf’s priorities are tested. Will this put further strain on their already fragile marriage?

Also, Dominic treats a patient called Kevin, who turns out to be a blast from his past and someone Dominic’s keen to get swiftly discharged from Holby. When Arthur is assigned over Dominic on the case, he soon realises why Dominic’s so keen to see the back of Kevin….