Ambitious surgeon Jac Naylor proves just how ruthless she is this week when, in a bid to save her own skin and secure a promotion, she potentially puts nurse Chrissie’s career in jeopardy.

Distracted by her job interview for Ric’s old job, Jac makes a major botch-up in surgery that nearly kills her patient Patrick. When Jac reads the pre-op notes, she realises she misread a figure noted by Chrissie which showed that Patrick’s blood was too thin to operate. In order to save her own bacon, Jac tampers with the notes and makes it look like Chrissie made a mistake and not her.

A stunned Chrissie is unsure of herself, tired from juggling motherhood and nursing and is grateful when Jac suggests they keep her ‘mistake’ between them. But will Jac’s duplicity come back to haunt her?

Also this week, Faye has the mother of all breakdowns on the ward. Will Joseph have her sectioned? Meanwhile, Donna attempts to keep Mia hidden from Hanssen.

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