Jac declares war on new boy Matteo!

Charming new Italian medic Matteo makes an enemy of Jac on his first day at Holby. Ooops…

Everyone knows it’s not wise to get on the wrong side of Jac Naylor but, this week, new locum consultant Matteo Rossini makes a disastrous first impression on the fiery surgeon. Already late for his shift, Jac’s further irritated when he eventually rides into the Holby car park… on a horse!

Up on Darwin ward, Jac asks Matteo to shadow Mo for the day. But Matteo’s intrigued by Jac’s patient Lauren and starts to interfere with the case. Matteo soon diagnoses Lauren with a cyst caused by a parasite living in her heart. Jac thinks surgery is too risky – but when Matteo says he’ll operate, Lauren wants him to be her surgeon, not Jac!

Already furious that Matteo’s effectively stolen her patient, Jac’s blood boils when she then discovers he was part of the Berlin team who stole Darwin’s Digby Stent research. Livid, Jac declares all-out war! Will these two ever get on?

Meanwhile, Dominic gets emotionally embroiled in a challenging case, which exposes cracks in his relationship with Isaac. Is Isaac all he seems?

Also, Bernie’s shocked to discover her son Cameron’s now an F1 on her ward – can they put their fractured relationship back on track?