The ruthlessly ambitious surgeon Jac Naylor is overjoyed to hear that she’s been promoted to acing surgical consultant on Keller ward. Having fought long and hard for a promotion, the news brings a smile to Jac’s normally frowning face. However, the happiness doesn’t last long when she finds herself taking on old rival Ric Griffin during her rounds.

When Ric and Jac clash over him supposedly undermining her on one of her cases, some harsh words are exchanged. Jac suggests that Ric – who is currently fighting cancer – tries to cure is own disease before attempting to battle other patients’ problems. The outburst causes a split on the ward as her colleagues rally around stunned Ric. So horrified is big boss Mark, he threatens to revoke her job offer.

Only a well times public apology saves Jac’s skin, but is she really cut out for her new found responsibility?

Elsewhere, Greg and Oliver’s bromance is well and truly over when Greg realises that Oliver made him look bad to Connie over a previous case. As revenge, Greg sets Oliver up with a hooker.

Also, Penny probes Frieda on why she gave up on her surgical career in order to become a nurse.