As Faye arrives at work, Carl Hewson attacks her, dragging her into the bushes. Carl demands money as he has loan sharks after him and, frightened, Faye agrees. Jac sees Carl emerge from the bushes and grows suspicious. Faye meets Carl, but changes her mind about giving him the money and he flees with just £20.

Carl is brought to hospital after being beaten by the loan sharks. Later, Faye gets a calls from a man named Lucas, and as she gets in a taxi, Jac follows on her bike. After overhearing that Lucas is Faye’s first husband, Jac leaves and is on her way back when she is thrown from her bike and is left lying unconscious in the road.

Convinced that Max’s foster mum Lindsey is neglecting Max, and that he’s protecting her, Kyla confronts Lindsey about the treatment of her foster children. As Lindsey complains to Roger about Kyla, Max asks Roger if they can talk in private. Lindsey’s drink problem is finally exposed and Max tells Kyla he wants to come home.

Also, Elliot gets jealous when he overhears Professor Walter Noble ask Lady Byrne out to dinner. When Lady Byrne cancels, Elliot decides to ask Lady Byrne out on a real date. Lady Byrne accepts and they share a passionate kiss.