Jac: I will always love you Joseph!

Jac and Joseph are operating, but the theatre is boiling hot and the assistant nurse collapses. They realise something is seriously wrong. The theatre is cordoned off and the pair carry on with the operation. When the anaesthetist Marianna collapses and dies, Jac and Joseph realise it’s only a matter of time. They share a moment, when Jac confesses that she still cares for him. Meanwile, Faye is frantic that she will lose the man she loves – but will it be the deadly virus, or Jac that gets him?

Donna tries to apologise to Annalese, but Annalese doesn’t want to hear it. She is still fuming but has enough on her plate when she learns Steve Hewitt’s widow is out for blood. Annalese is certain she will be found out when the results of her alcohol test are made know, but Michael thinks they should lay low and stick together.

Daisha wants to go on holiday, but Mark doesn’t think she should go on her own. He thinks she is suffering with post natal depression, but Daisha tells him to back off. Can’t she do anything without him interfering! Just as Mark is about to object, Daisha’s sister Lalaine arrives out of the blue…