Jac meets an old friend

Jac is treating Alan, the patient who denied raping his wife, when she bumps into another patient, Graham, who turns out to be an old school friend. Alan needs to go back into theatre, but Jac is preoccupied with Graham. After work, Jac is planning to meet Graham when Alan appears from the shadows and attacks her – he is a rapist after all. Managing to overpower Alan, Jac speeds away on her bike.

Maddy’s sister Hannah arrives at Holby with her six-year-old daughter Sunny. Maddy is horried to learn that Sunny has overdosed on methadone – and Hannah wants Maddy to cover up for her. Maddy reluctantly agrees but threatens to call social services. After failing to resuscitate Sunny, Maddy is distraught and breaks down in tears.

Elsewhere, Sam promises Chrissie that he will break off his relationship with Faye so that they can be together. But he’s torn over what to do when Faye covers up a mistake he makes.

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