Ice queen Jac Naylor gets a blast from the past when she finds herself coming face to face with her long-estranged mother, Paula. Having not seen Paula since she walked out on her as a 12-year-old, Jac is unsurprisingly far from moved when her mother is brought into the hospital, having collapsed soon after she landed in the UK from India.

Ric, unaware of Jac’s relationship to Paula, insists that she takes the patient on. Cold to Paula’s ill-health, when Jac gets her test results back she discovers that her mother has kidney damage. When Paula tries to insist that the reason she was returning to England was to visit Jac, the stoic surgeon dismisses her belated attempts at a reconciliation and breaks the news to her mum – she needs a kidney transplant for a chance of survival.

Will Jac really walk away from her mother in her hour of need?

Meanwhile, Mark attempts to win compensation for Maria, but evil CEO Vanessa intimidates the nurse and forces her to withdraw her claim. Furious, Mark resigns in protest.

Elsewhere, Oliver’s attempts to impress Connie and Elliot don’t impress sassy new nurse Roberta.