Jack and Billy reach a compromise

Daz is recovering from his injuries and a guilty Jack tells him that they don’t have to go through with the adoption if it’s causing him too much stress. Billy is feeling equally as guilty and has decided to give Jack his blessing to adopt! Billy talks about his change of heart with Jack, who admits that he’s already talked to Daz and they’ve decided against the adoption. But Jack warns Billy that they must make the new arrangement work for Daz’s sake.

Louise approaches Turner to tell him the details of the next pageant meeting but he’s so incensed by her idea for a beauty contest that he resigns from the committee. Louise enjoys being master of ceremonies in his stead and begins to divide each float between members of the village. Sandy and Betty try to coax Turner to get involved again and he’s eventually persuaded to find a celebrity to host the event.

Also, Zak and Lisa put on their posh togs to accompany Belle to her new private school and the head assigns Belle a welcome buddy to help her out on her first day. Lisa is overawed by the grandeur of the event and realises how much she’s going to miss Belle. Meanwhile, Belle’s welcome buddy Ayesha tells an excited Belle about an upcoming school trip to Germany, and Lisa and Zak are worried about cash when she tells them she’d like to go.