Jack and Darren are in too deep

Darren prepares for Jack’s funeral service, but Ruth’s arrival only fuels his guilt. It all gets too much in the middle of his eulogy speech and he breaks down. Returning for the wake, Newt is equally distraught and seeks solace in his room.

As Darren prepares to confess all to Ruth, Newt interrupts, declaring he killed Jack and wants to be arrested for his crime. At Jack’s graveside, Darren and Jack weigh up all the grief they’ve caused their family, and realise they’re in way too deep.

Eddie confronts Calvin over the heroin he found in his coat and admits he’s in a dilemma about whether to report him. When Carmel discovers what’s happened, she furiously lays into Calvin, and disgusted Leo joins in. Calvin rushes to the station in a bid to try to stop Eddie reporting him and ruining his career. And he’s in for a shock when Carmel later packs her bags, informing him that his lies have jeopardised their future.

Over at the Valentines, Sasha is desperate for another fix, but is stunned when Leo informs her that Calvin could lose his job after supplying her with heroin. Realising the heavy price he is having to pay, Calvin finally decides to play tough with Sasha…

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