Darren wants to help his dad, who’s in financial trouble, and offers to get a tip from one of his old gambling pals, so Jack can try and win back some money. Father and son listen anxiously to a horse race on the radio… luckily, Darren and Jack win almost £10,000 on an accumulator bet and Jack lies it’s enough to clear his debts. Jade’s happy the money is back in the fundraising account – but can Jade and Darren’s relationship be fixed? Later, it’s revealed Jack’s still being chased by the debt collectors.

Alfie’s thrilled when Jade sends a message saying she believes he didn’t steal the charity money. As he’s putting on his deodorant, however, his heart sinks when he sees a lump in his armpit. He tries to tell Nathan but, with his brother planning to go to South America, he doesn’t want him to put his life on hold. Alfie goes to confide in Jade but she wants to keep her mind off her own illness, so Alfie’s news has to take a back seat. Instead, he lets Jade teach him a dance to keep her spirits up.

Lisa and Zack are loved up after last night and are delighted to hear they’ve got the flat to themselves for the day, until Simone and Louis invite Lisa out for lunch so Zack can have some alone time with his online date, ‘Selina’. Lisa manages to escape from The Dog and is soon getting steamy with Zack back at the flat. Simone, however, heads home to fetch her purse. As Lisa hides in the bedroom, Simone confronts Zack with a bra she’s found down the side of the sofa. Zack admits it belongs to ‘someone’ – just as Joanne turns up and reveals it’s hers!

Also, Scott’s desperately trying to make up for tampering with the Vodka. Tony and Ste are at loggerheads and Tony suggests that Ste sign his half of the restaurant over to him to pay back the money Harry owes for his university accommodation.