Alf tells Martha and Jack that he feels they’ve got back together too soon after Sam’s death. The couple agree, but tell him that they can’t deny their feelings. Seeing how much in love they are, Alf eventually gives his approval. Spurred on by Alf’s positive reaction, Jack tells his dad the news. But Tony isn’t impressed to hear it first from Colleen, leaving Irene to have to step in to prevent a hearted argument from erupting.

Morag isn’t too impressed with the news that Martha and Jack are back together and tells Martha she’s making a huge mistake throwing away what she had with Roman. Disappointed by Tony and Morag’s reactions, Jack and Martha decide to leave town for a few days to give people time to cool off.

After witnessing Nicole laying in to some of his classmates, Geoff realises he was interested in her for the wrong reasons. When Melody takes Nicole to task, an impressed Geoff asks her out on a date.

Mr Bartlett welcomes Jazz as his new PA, much to Nicole’s delight. Later, Jazz asks Miles out to dinner.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday June 4*

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