Martha isn’t impressed when Jack blames her for their failed counselling session with Dan, and challenges him to be honest about his feelings, asking him if they would have had a chance together if Sam hadn’t come back to the Bay.

Jack admits to Martha that he still has feelings for her, but every time they’ve tried to mend their relationship, it’s been a disaster. It’s time to move on, and Sam is his future. Martha agrees to his suggestion that they get a court order to forgo the need to go through further counselling, and the pair seal the deal with a final, passionate kiss.

Later, in a bid for some much needed thinking time, Martha borrows Alf’s Ute and heads out of town for a few days. However, she doesn’t get very far before running out of fuel. A car pulls over, and Martha is horrified to see Jonah behind the wheel!

Although Drew is too angry with Jazz to listen to her attempts to make things up, he decides to give her a share of the cash he inherited from his grandmother. But before he can complete arrangements, he learns that Jazz has decided to contest the will and get all the inheritance for herself.