Geoff is depressed after being banned from seeing Melody by her mum Christine. Belle and Annie convince him to go and see her, but things go wrong when Christine sees him outside her house and threatens to call the police if Geoff returns. Later, as Christine finds Melody’s room empty, Geoff is surprised to see her on his doorstep and they head out to Jack and Martha’s engagement party.

Meanwhile, at the party, Jazz isn’t coping well with her break-up with Miles. Increasingly drunk, she manages to offend nearly everybody there. Things get worse when Christine arrives in the middle of the speeches, demanding Melody leave with her.

Not wanting to make a fuss, Melody agrees, but not before Christine lays into Geoff for leading her daughter astray. A drunk Jazz stands up for Geoff and ends up slapping Christine in the face. Tony takes Jazz home to sleep off the booze, but is horrified when Jazz admits to giving Rachel the laxative that kept her from his reunion.

Home alone with Aden, a bored Nicole begins to kiss him. But when she rolls on top of him, he suddenly freaks out, pushes her off and leaves, much to Nicole’s confusion.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday July 8*