Paige and Jack are distraught when they arrive at the apartment where Gabe was being held, only to find that he’s not there. Mark does his best to reassure Paige that they will find her son, but he knows that’s something he can’t be certain of. Mishti returns to the interview and demands that Louise tells her where Gabe is, but Louise is stunned when she finds out that Gabe is no longer in the apartment. Will Gabe be reunited with his parents?

Mishti feels like she has failed after being unable to locate Gabe. Leo tries to be the supportive boyfriend and points out how she succeeded in picking apart Gary and Sheila’s false alibi. After being comforted by Leo, Mishti turns her attention to the IT glitch that helped give Gary and Sheila a false alibi, which puts Leo in an uncomfortable position. After some careful digging, Mishti questions Paul and is shocked by his reaction…

Also, Amy wants to show Steph that she’s fully behind her and making the Flame Tree a success and invites a famous blogger to the wellness centre. Will Amy’s idea get results?