Jack and Sam kiss!

Sam tells Ricky she wants them to move out after Tiff puts toothpaste in her hairbrush but Ricky says they can’t afford it. Sam convinces Jack to give her a month’s wages in advance and Ricky is forced to confess that he needs to stay with the family and he’s Tiff’s father. A gutted Sam asks Phil if she can move back into the Vic and he insists she give up her job at the club first. Sam takes the money back to Jack and they end up kissing…

Patrick is angry with Jim for letting Owen do some work on his house. Jim points to a picture of Patrick’s son Paul and Patrick has food for thought. Patrick brings Libby to see Owen, who is delighted. Libby tells Patrick that she’s convinced Denise to stretch her holiday for another week and she asks Patrick if Owen can stay.

Janine tells Ryan she has a surprise for him and invites him to the car lot at lunchtime and she walks away with Archie and mischievously smiles at Ryan. Janine tells Archie more about her plan to make Sam miss her court appointment so she’ll have to leave the Square.

Also, someone snaps a picture of Christian looking cosy with Syed.