While Sam is frantic to hear that Rory and Annie are missing, Sally is concerned that Fisher is taking no responsibility for the mess, and struggles to come to terms with the fact she’ll have to sack him. Fisher is too proud to admit Sally’s comments that he’s had trouble fitting in since he returned to teaching, but after a word from Alf, he realises he only came back to his old job for the cash. And to Sally’s surprise, Fisher resigns.

Henk worries that if Rachel finds out about his feelings for Cassie, she’ll tell everyone the truth about their past. Despite doing their best to hide the relationship, Cassie and Henk are caught out as they return from a secret swimming expedition, and see Annie and Rory walking along the side of the road. They rescue the kids and Henk is forced to tell a series of complicated white lies to hide his relationship. But Rachel’s suspicions are growing…

Jack worries that Sam won’t trust him to take a parenting role with her son and gives her an ultimatum; either he’s part of Rory’s life or the relationship is over. Sam eventually makes a decision about their future, and the pair go to the Diner to announce they’re engaged.

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