Jack asks Phil for his help at the funeral

When Jack asks Phil to speak at the Mitchell sisters’ funeral; will Phil agree?

Glenda thinks Amy and Ricky shouldn’t be at the funeral, but Jack insists he wants the kids with him. Going to see Phil, Jack asks him to speak at the service and is taken aback when he refuses. Can Jack change his mind? Later, Phil makes a mysterious phone call to a mystery person and arranges to meet up with them.

Whitney has a girls’ night out with Stacey, but Lee interrupts. Listening in to their gossip, when Lee hears something Whitney had kept from him, he is furious. Taking a drunk and angry Lee home, Whitney is stunned when Lee accuses of her being to blame for everything that has happened to them.

At the end of her tether, Whitney seeks refuge in The Vic. Seeing how upset Whitney is, when Lee demands Whitney come home, Mick tells him to clear off. Whitney has a heart to heart with Mick, revealing how broken her marriage is. Is it the end for Whitney and Lee?

Meanwhile, Louise is invited on a date with Travis.