Jack attacks Michael

Michael and Alfie are back from Brighton. Jack finds Michael and punches him. Michael learns that Ronnie accused him of coming on to her and protests his innocence. Michael confronts Ronnie who admits she may have said something that was taken the wrong way. Ronnie suggests to Jack that he buy Michael out of the gym to get him out of Walford. Michael wonders to Jack if Ronnie fancies him as a passport photo is missing from his wallet. Jack searches the flat and finds the missing photo…

Ryan persuades Kat to give Whitney a trial shift in the pub. Whitney doesn’t want the job, but Janine persuades her to go. Kat catches Whitney sneaking money to Janine from the till, but tells her she can keep the job if she can trust her. Kat is smug as Whitney asks an annoyed Janine to leave.

Heather’s happy that Shirley is back in the Square and they arrange to watch a DVD. Heather lies to Shirley that she’s broken her telly as she’s too ashamed to have Shirley round. Shirley gets stuck behind the bar at the club and an upset Heather is left waiting for Shirley on Shirley’s doorstep.