Jack attacks Phil!

Jack is desperate to get Phil out of Sharon’s life and suggests that Sharon would make more money working for a West End club than for Phil. When Sharon asks for a payrise, Phil refuses, offering a stake in R&R. Furious that his plan to keep Sharon away from Phil hasn’t worked, Jack visits Phil at the Arches and punches him. Phil falls backwards into the pit and isn’t moving. What has Jack done?

Alice needs payment for babysitting Scarlett. A skint Michael pays her in counterfeit notes. When Alice tries to buy something in the Minute Mart, Denise spots the fake money. Jack convinces Denise not to report it to the police, but gets nowhere trying to find out where Alice got the money from. Michael feels bad, but hasn’t any other money to pay her with.

Ayesha wants a date with Masood and enjoys winding up Carol by mentioning it. When Carol tells Denise, both women can’t believe what Masood is playing at. Knowing that Tamwar is angry about Ayesha, Masood is torn over what to do. When AJ tells Masood he should go for it, Masood agrees to the date.

Also, Kirsty suggests throwing a birthday party in Derek’s memory to comfort an upset Alice.