Jack backslides with Selina!

Jack has retreated into his shell after pouring his heart out to Ronnie and he avoids a worried Ronnie’s calls. Jack turns up at Selina’s and insists on taking her and Penny out for Penny’s birthday. Jack has a nice time with Selina and Penny. Selina kisses Jack and they head for her bedroom…

Ian is in a panic when he discovers that he misread a large catering order and instead of 20 people, he needs to provide food for 200! Ian’s day gets even worse when he drops his keys down a drain and gets his hand stuck. But Christian saves the day by helping Jane prepare the catering order in time. Ian is impressed by his work and has an idea…

Hazel’s rival in the wedding competition, Donna, turns up at the Vic and when she sees Hazel she seems confident about her chances of winning. Hazel is panicked by Donna’s reaction and claims that she and Minty need more glamorous wedding plans. Hazel asks Minty to ditch Heather as bridesmaid and instead ask Dawn.

Also, Jay recovers from his injuries, but Jase feels guilty that he wasn’t around when he needed him; Zainab receives a worrying letter.

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