Jack battles to save Martha

Trapped inside the Rocket Club’s office, Martha realises the club is on fire and the phone is dead. Meanwhile, after finally getting Martha’s earlier message, Jack races to the club, where he spots Cam driving away at top speed. Reaching the burning club, Jack battles against the flames to save Martha.

Shaken Martha is stunned to learn that Jack blames Cam for starting the fire. They go with Alf and Sally to Martha’s apartment, where Cam is frantically preparing to make a getaway. Jack tackles him to the ground, before finding Martha’s stolen jewellery and cash at his place. Later, at the police station, Cam denies starting the fire, but is shocked to learn Martha was trapped inside. Things look worse for him when Cindy gives evidence against Cam.

After her night of passion with Peter, Amanda tells Belle their relationship is back on track and asks Peter to move back in with her. However, she senses his reluctance and is crushed when he takes an opportunity to back out of the relationship. Unimpressed, Belle confronts Peter for letting Amanda down. Realising he’s been gutless, Peter tells Amanda he’s scared of getting involved with her. He loves her but knows there’s no future for them. Amanda is devastated.

*Screened on RTE One, Monday August 6*

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