Molly‘s feeling guilty as she gets ready for Jack’s surprise birthday party. But all thoughts are pushed away when she sees Jack’s face as he walks into the Rovers to see everyone there. As the pair hide their pain knowing his fate Jack holds court, reminiscing about his happy years on the street and making a speech over his cake. But Molly’s taken aback when Jack sits down and reveals he knows about her affair with Kevin and the DNA test.

Nick’s really impressed as Leanne works flat out to ensure the opening night goes well. When he hears that she is so busy she will miss her wedding dress fitting he insists that she takes a break and he will drive her there himself. But he doesn’t bank on his reaction on seeing his ex-wife dressed as the bride to be, and can’t cope.

Sophie‘s nervous when the pastor arrives at the house. He wants to talk to the girls about temptation and sin after seeing them kiss at the party.

Also, John is still being tormented by the silent calls he’s getting at work; Carla is off the wine and when the factory girls notice the pregnancy rumours start.

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Jack isn’t there to judge Molly, and implores her that if she loves Tyrone she must leave Weatherfield with him and start afresh. Hopeful that the pair can save their marriage, he slips out unnoticed and heads home. Alone in his armchair he looks at a picture of Vera and falls asleep, seeing her come to him in a vision, she holds her hand out and admits she’s missed him. When Tyrone and Molly arrive home and check on a sleeping Jack, Tyrone crumbles… Jack is dead!

Leanne discovers Nick has left her alone at the bridal shop. Confused, she tracks him down at the bar and demands to know what he’s playing at – they were getting on so well. But Nick reveals that that’s the problem, seeing her prepare to marry someone else was too much for him.

John needs someone to talk to, but unable to speak to Fiz he meets Charlotte and admits he’s at breaking point. Charlotte sees it as an opportunity to give him a comforting hug and leans in for a kiss.

Also, Peter is Carla’s knight in shining armour as he puts a stop to all the pregnancy gossip; Sophie and Sian are plunged into turmoil when the pastor tells them that homosexuality is a sin.

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