Jack can’t seem to say no

Sam has spent the night at Jack’s place. Jack meets up with Archie and tells him that he’s not interested in Archie’s plan to get rid of Sam and the Mitchells. Sam lies to Ricky that she stayed the night with an old school friend. Jack feels awkward when Ricky tells him that he trusts Sam completely. Sam asks Jack if he wants to end their affair and Jack replies with a passionate kiss.

Owen tells Liz that he will leave Walford now that he’s repaired his relationship with Libby and Denise. Libby invites Owen to a family lunch and Lucas is irritated. Libby sets off for Oxford and Lucas takes Owen for a walk. Lucas rants about God and punches Owen in the stomach then tells him to leave Walford for good. A furious Owen tells Lucas that he’s staying put.

Pat asks Shirley if she knows who baby George’s father is, but Shirley claims ignorance. Shirley finds Darren in the flat holding George and she realises that Darren is the father. Shirley tells Darren to back off from Heather and the baby, but Heather insists that she can’t ban Darren from seeing his son.

Also, Lucy anonymously sends Syed a text saying there’s ‘a letter in the post to mummy’.

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