Ronnie has trouble getting the club ready for opening when Jack insists on interfering and orders a games machine and pool table without asking her first. Ronnie confronts him but Jack threatens to tell Peggy about their secret partnership if she tries to go it alone. Ronnie feels uncomfortable about lying to Roxy but the secret is soon out in the open when Jack tells the Mitchells that he is the joint owner of the club!

Jane is still feeling down and Steven’s presence in Albert Square is getting to her. Jane is furious when Steven visits and pleads that the shooting was an accident. A distressed Jane clutches her stomach in pain, just as Ian walks in. Ian is fuming and he yells at Steven to leave Jane alone.

Dot is feeling sad and alone without Jim and matters aren’t helped when Steven comes into the launderette and has a go at her when his washing gets ruined. Heather witnesses the altercation and invites Dot for a cup of tea at hers. Dot is grateful.

Also, Dawn is miserable about her new glasses but Jase tries to cheer her up; Garry tells a disappointed Heather that he’s got a new girlfriend; Lucy wants a birthday party.

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