Jack charms Ronnie

Tanya realises that Lauren is missing Max and she decides to bake a birthday cake for her to cheer her up. Sean is in a dark mood and he gets into a workman’s digger and cuts the power cables to Tanya’s house. Tanya is gutted as her plans for Lauren’s birthday are ruined. Later, Sean sells his stolen drugs to a punter in the Vic.

Jack flirts with Ronnie but she reminds him that their relationship is strictly professional from now on. At the club, Ronnie drops a crate and cuts her leg and Jack bandages it for her. Jack works his charm on Ronnie and he leans into kiss her, but she pulls away.

Shabnam and Jalil are coy with each other as they stock shelves at the post office. Shabnam is disappointed when Jalil reveals that he’s going to return home. Shabnam admits to Zainab that they kissed at the club and Zainab plots to get them together. Zainab organises dinner but she and Shabnam are shocked when Jalil comes out with some old-fashioned attitudes about women and Zainab orders him out!

Also, Billy and Honey move into a new flat; Christian finds Ian a private investigator; Chelsea wants to search for her dad; Pat has some news.

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